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Booz Allen offers multiple e-invoicing options for vendors, allowing for the receipt of invoices electronically, eliminating the costs and delays associated with processing invoices and the need for paper and postage. Vendors may opt to enter an occasional invoice into the Booz Allen Ariba eInvoicing Portal, or register with the Firm's e-invoicing partner, Transcepta, suitable for vendors with significant monthly invoice volume. Transcepta enables suppliers to submit invoices directly from their existing billing system, with little to no supplier IT requirements to set up the connection or electronic feed.

The Ariba eInvoicing Portal enables the electronic presentment of vendor invoices and is ideal for vendors who submit occasional invoices. To encourage optimal participation Booz Allen has absorbed the fees usually associated with this type of partnership. For help in navigating the portal, please refer to the Purchase Order or Non- Purchase order Ariba eInvoicing Guides and the complete set of Ariba eInvoicing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), or refer to the Domestic Payment-specific FAQ below. It is recommended that you print the guides to keep handy when you are submitting invoices.

To encourage optimal participation Booz Allen Hamilton has absorbed the fees usually associated with this type of partnership.

Some of the benefits of electronic invoicing include:

  • Faster processing and approval of your invoice
  • Free set up, connection, and use of the invoicing system
  • Improved accuracy of invoice processing
  • Greater visibility into invoice status
  • Enhanced visibility for Booz Allen employees


Q. How do I add Distribution Lines?

A. For Non-Purchase Order invoices, click the Add button in the Distribution Lines section to add a line item, and enter the required information. Repeat these steps as necessary.

Q. How do I add an attachment?

A. To include attachments with your submission, simply click the Add Attachment button, click Browse, look for and select the desired file, and click Ok.

Q. What do I do if I receive an error indicating the invoice must balance when submitting an invoice via Ariba eInvoicing?

A. The Total Amount and Sub Total Fields will always display as zero ($0.00). To equal zero, the posting lines on the invoice must equal the total amount of the invoice. Review the line item allocations and dollar values, locate the discrepancy, and correct it. The invoice amount is an aggregate of Tax, Shipping and Distribution Lines.

Q. What do I do if I cannot find my Booz Allen Point of Contact (POC) in the default Approver list?

A. If your Booz Allen POC is not available in the default Approver list, simply search for the desired approver. To do so click the Select link, enter the search criteria (such as his/her name), and then click the Search button. Once the system returns your search results, click the Select button next to the desired Approver.