The Booz Allen Hamilton Help Desk is available to assist you with:

  • Invoice payment status
  • Status or replacement of a lost check
  • How to apply a payment
  • Update an email address for the direct deposit payment notification email
  • Request login credentials for electronic invoicing through the Ariba eInvoicing Portal
  • Ariba Einvoicing User Guides for Purchase Order invoices and Non Purchase order invoices
  • Ariba Portal-Password reset instructions are located in the Ariba eInvoicing User Guides
  • Other inquiries

Booz Allen Hamilton Help Desk at or call 877-927-8278.

  • Booz Allen International: 866 552 3869
  • Germany: 00 800 182 2555
  • Singapore: 800 130 2221
  • Japan: 0066 33 821780
  • Indonesia: 001 803 015 205 4618

A staff of cross-trained representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support you via email or phone to answer payment related questions and other service requests. When inquiring about payment status, provide the vendor name, invoice number, date, amount and/or purchase order number if available to assist the Help Desk in researching your inquiry and expedite resolution.